Review on Bloodborne

gameBloodborne is the game that talks about a world which is something so similar to hell which is purgatory. You may get to re- live those painful moments in your life here. It is the place where you get reminded of all that very sad and bad moments in your life. It is really a game with so much of good graphics that you can easily deal with the same for the best possible solution. Bloodborne is the game which has got better amount of audience as it is Dar Souls II sequel. It really has got good amount of audience already.

Whole Environment

The game really portraits a world that is doom laden and you are the only warrior or the hunter who may wake up in town where there are some people left from shuttering away but getting infected by the lycanthropic kind of ailment. First enemies to meet here are townsfolk who are there in early stages of transformation. The game is the one in which you are all alone. People are there as your enemies or may speak to you through the doors that are closed. It is the world that is doom laden and has got the background sounds of the ominous drones and groans that are inhuman. This is the game that is moving much towards horror.It is not a good idea for you to choose this game to play after the hangover of a regretful weekend. There is something intoxicating about the game which is nothing but the kind of atmosphere that you find in the game which cannot be there in any other consoles. It is a very different kind of approach.


There is no traditional score available in this game like any other games that you find. It has got the kind of atmosphere and vibe that is much similar to soul’s games and dark souls 2. It has nothing much to do with the story too. There is no plot or any presence of quest for you to follow but you get a rich world around you and so many dialogue snippets you may get from different characters who are not there to kill you. These things need to be decoded for you to understand the world of bloodborne and what you need to do in the game. The swimming pool of it might got filled with blood but it is really warm. It is something that has got so many things coming up in there.

Difficult Levels

The difficult level of this game is too much similar to that of Megaman compared to other action games that have come up recently. This game may make you die for so many times in one hour. You can then reawaken at the point where you dies with all the enemies to be there again. It is not good for you to just move on by slashing the enemies who come on the way but need to understand the game better for much amazing results.